Parenting a child with ADHD?

Are you tired of yelling?
Feeling unsure as a parent? 
Worried things will never change?


 I GET IT...

I really do. I'm a mom with two boys diagnosed with ADHD and other complex issues.

You feel guilty for yelling and losing your cool.

You're exhausted with the daily battles over the same things.

Others judge and criticize your parenting.

You feel misunderstood and alone.

You've tried so many different parenting approaches-and nothing works!

And the worst part is, you start to doubt yourself as a parent and lose hope it will ever get better.

I've been there... I know what it's like.



Children with ADHD and other complex issues do not respond well to the "traditional" parenting methods.  So what do you do with the hundreds of theories and approaches you hear from the experts? How do you choose?

Want to know if you're doing the right thing?

Ask yourself one simple question:

"Is what I'm doing creating a stronger bond with my child or is it pulling us apart?"

 If it feels like there is more chaos than calm -then it's time to try something new...

As parents, we just want to help our children grow up to be healthy, happy, responsible adults. But sometimes in our attempt to help, they respond by pushing us away (yelling, screaming, cussing, hitting )...this causes great stress and confusion.

We can lose our way and  become the parents we swore we'd never be.

We lose our cool, we lose our confidence, and we stay stuck in chaos...



You could talk to your son and have him listen?

You could ask for something without having to yell?

You could restore your damaged relationship and start bonding again?

You could have peace in your home?



You parent in a calm, constructive, collaborative way. 

You have frequent open conversations.

Your son trusts you. And you trust him.

Your daughter cooperates and collaborates.

You have a positive and mutually respectful relationship.



If you value the relationship with your son or daughter and you're tired of the conflict...

If you're ready to step into a new way of doing things...

And if you could use the support and guidance from someone who has been there...

Then, please call me... It would be my great pleasure to be your coach.


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