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Hi, my name is Coco,

Having children . . .

It's what I wanted most in life. More than anything else in the world.

But to be totally honest with you...


I felt like a FAILURE.

I was exhausted, frustrated, and yelling at my son all the time!

Everyone else seemed to have it "all together" and I couldn't keep up.

I couldn't get my son to listen to me and he was getting into trouble everywhere he went.

Worst of all, we could't talk...every conversation turned into a black hole of ever-increasing screams, insults, and miss trust.

Our relationship was damaged, frayed, and falling apart.

It was my worst nightmare.

This wasn’t supposed to happen to me… I loved kids!  I was college educated, had a happy marriage, and a comfy home.

I thought I had everything I needed to help my son succeed… it just didn't make sense…

To add to the confusion...I had many well intentioned "experts"in my life telling me how to parent my "challenging child."

The "experts" were saying that my son was unruly, defiant, and rebellious because he chose to be.

That he was "strong-willed" and "manipulative" because I was letting him.

All I heard was "Be more consistent," give immediate consequences,"  and "show him whose boss."

But guess what? That wasn't working... It just lead to more chaos and confusion.

I knew I had to do something else....but what?

I was losing the warm, loving, connected relationship I once had with my son.


I refused to let that happen!

I decided to stop listening to the "experts" and start listening to that little voice called "mother's intuition."

I put what everyone else was telling me aside and I started listening to my son.

You know what I discovered?

My son was in a world of hurt and just as frustrated as I was.

He didn't want to be in trouble all the time...he wanted so desperately to "behave" he just didn't how.

The more he "acted out," the more other kids rejected him, the more isolated he became.

He needed HELP not more consequences!


Fast forward to today...

My son is now a well-adjusted young man and we have a loving connected relationship.

We talk everyday and there is no more screaming, insults, or miss-trust.

It's what I always dreamed a mother and son relationship would be like.

Don't get me's not perfect

Spoiler Alert: No one has PERFECT!

We still disagree and don't see eye to eye on lots of things.

But we have a warm, mutually respectful relationship.


The Truth is....

I had to CHANGE.  I had to accept that my son's challenging behaviors were not willful acts of disobedience and that punishing my son was not the answer.

I had to stop listening to the lies society so generously handed me when I became a mom.

That I "should" have all of the answers...

That I  "should" have well behaved, respectful kids AT ALL TIMES!

That I  "should" be ashamed of myself when I couldn't  "control" my son.

And the worst lie of all...that I "should" know how to do this ON MY OWN.


Thanks to Coaching...

I let go of the lies, "the shoulds," the shame and the blame that comes with having a "challenging child."  I learned to approach parenting with calm and confidence.  I embraced my son's challenging behaviors and started communicating with him in an open, curious, non-judgmental way.  This lead to the collaborative, cooperative, relationship we have today.

So I invite you to...

Trust yourself as a parent

Stop listening to the lies.

Start communicating, collaborating, and restoring the relationship with your child.

Having a collaborative, mutually respectful  relationship with your son/daughter is within your reach...

Let me show you how....

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