Hi [first_name]!

THANK YOU. Thank you for your dedication to your kids even when it’s hard. I get it. I promise you, I have been there.

And to be really honest, I often found myself comparing my situation or family life to others. Sometimes it made me sad that my kids didn't behave in public the way other kids did and sometimes it made me mad when others judged me or my kids without fully understanding our situation. Either way, I used to think," Why does parenting my child have to be sooo hard?!"  And, of course, all that did was push me into a cesspool of guilt and overwhelm. It lead to despair and didn't help anyone.

If you've ever compared yourself, your kids, or your family to others, then you understand. 

When we compare, we are looking through a lens of pain and frustration so our view becomes distorted. This in turn, leads us down a path of feeling hopeless and stuck.

I think we do this because nothing we try with our kids seems to work. For years, I followed the "traditional" parenting methods, read dozens of books, and it all lead me back to where I started-frustrated and confused.

I’m here to tell you that finding ways to raise your child amongst all the challenge is possible! Thousands of parents around the world have learned this proven method for turning chaos to calm – and you can too!

I’m inviting you to join me for Sanity School® Live for Parents starting on July 9th. We’ll spend 4 weeks together, learning, and putting into practice, tools and strategies to give you back the joy in parenting.

When you have children with complex needs, life can feel so much harder. But here's the thing, You have what it takes to help your kids become independent and grow up to be successful adults.

You might be saying, “I’ve tried everything. And nothing has made a difference in the past.”  That's how I felt!

Until you've tried Sanity School® Live and have learned the  "coach-approach" to parenting, I promise you, you haven't tried everything. 

Sanity School® Live covers six lessons that radically improve the lives of parents dealing with children with complex issues like ADHD, Anxiety, LD and related challenges. Research has shown that with this reality-based training, reinforced by coaching and support, parents coping with complex kids become more confident and calm, and their kids' behaviors begin to improve.

Now is the time to change your story...

There are 4 days left to register, and 3 spots available! 

Join me!

I’m ready! Enroll me now! $295 per person, or if you want to learn together, $395 per couple!

Hope to see you in class!


P.S. Please share with anyone who you think could benefit.

Thank You!



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