Dear Coco,

Ready for a New Year? Looking forward to a fresh start? 

Here's a quick question-what did you pay attention to this year? Can you define it? Is it all a blur?

Most people start the new year with resolutions, intentions, or goals. Do you remember yours? If you actually finished the year and can say you crossed off your list, then you are one of the 8% of individuals who pulled it off. Congratulations!

But-if you are more like the remaining 92% of us-then I have a quick-full proof way- to make 2019 a year you will look back on with clarity and satisfaction.

How? It's simple. Decide now what you want to focus on in 2019.

Not a laundry list of goals, to do's or resolutions but an overarching goal (theme) that you can define in one word.

Yep-one word. 

Here are some questions to help you find your word:

What is lacking in your life? (Joy, Rest, Fun, Relationships, Conversation, Friendship,Patience)

What would you like to have more of? (Peace, Relaxation, Connection, Fun)

How would you like to feel at the end of 2019? (Motivated, Fulfilled, Content, Stronger, Healthier)

If you could only add one thing to your life in 2019 what would it be? (Love,Trust, Laughter, Courage,Forgiveness)

Now take that word and write it down and put it somewhere you are sure to see it everyday. In everything you do, ask yourself how can I make this more_______ and fill in the blank. Or, If I was to find_______ doing this what would I need to do?

I began 2018 decided that I wanted more FUN in my life.

I had turned the corner on 50 and life started to look different for me. I grew up in a very rigid, strict, no-nonsense home where you simply did what you were told.

As a result, most of my life was driven by duty and responsibility. I started to notice I did everything because it was the "right" thing to do and never once considered I might do something because it was something I enjoyed or considered fun.

So this year I added one simple phrase to my life " how can I make this fun?" From washing the dishes, to sweeping the floor, to being stuck in traffic. I looked for ways to be mindful and enjoy moments I would normally "just endure" or "just get done."

I also looked for ways to add FUN into my weekly and monthly activities. I had an amazing year. I took the cooking classes I had been putting off, listened to music and audio books all year long, went to concerts with friends, laughed more with my kids, traveled with my husband, my brother, and took a girlfriend's trip of a lifetime. All because I started my year with one word-FUN!

It's not to say that I've never had fun in my life before-it's just that this year I was mindful of it. I made conscious decisions to live out the word "fun" in as many ways as possible. I can honestly say it was one of the best years of my life.

Remember, what you pay attention to grows... So, what will you pay attention to in 2019? 

Wishing you an Amazing New Year! May it be full of ????



P.S. Once you decide, I'd love to hear your word choice for 2019!

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